Command-staff vehicles, combined radio sets:
- Command-staff vehicle "Kushetka-B" on the transport base of APC-80 or another armored object;
- Command - staff vehicle R-145БМЭ and its modification on the base of APC-80 or another armored object;
- Command - staff vehicle R-145БМЭ and its modification on the base of GAS-66 or another auto- or armored vehicle, intended for providing of management of forces and organization of communication in operational-tactical link of management, while moving and at a stop, both independently and in the complex of communication center. It is equipped with VHF and HF radio sets, commutation equipment.
Mobile communication centre on the base of any vehicle or an armoured vehicle. It is intended for providing of radio communication on VHF and HF channels, on VHF microwave lines and also microwave lines with ATS subscribers while moving and at a stop.
VHF and HF radio sets (man-pack, mobile and stationary) with communication range up to 350km.
- HF range: R-130M, R-134, "Berkut-M", R-143, R-163-10K, R-163-50K;
- VHF range: R-123M, R-173, R-173M, R-173M1 (modernized variant of R-173M) and also R-111 and R-171M with retranslating
VHF radio receivers: R-173ПМ, R-173ПМ1 (modernized variant of R-173ПМ).
Various types of equipment of integral connection and commutation (АВСК):
- Uniform commutation equipment ЯГ.1600.000;
- Tank intercom device (TID) R-124;
- Tank intercom device R-174;
- АВСК R-174T, modernized variant of TID R-174.
Headset ТШ-4-У, together with АВСК R-174Т, ТПУ R-124, R-174 and the same equipment, is intended for radio communication in armour objects, protection against external noises and climate factors and also against strikes at elements of the construction of the object.
Radio network control device (RNCD) is intended to provide control of radio network formed by 10 VHF radio sets mounted on different objects. The equipment ensures automation and optimization of radio communication processes between radio-subscribers in conditions of intentional and incidental radio interferences (accidental and premeditated).
Antenna-mast devices are stationary and mobile. They are intended for lift of HF and VHF antennas for a height up to 20m.
Telephone device ТА-57-У is intended to provide telephone communication in field conditions and has built-in power supply. On demand of the client it can be equipped with container of power supply, allowing to fill up the battery from finger elements of the type Duracel or from the same types. Instead hand generator of inductor call it can be applicable electronic generator, based on modern elemental base of increased reliability. Technical characteristics of TA-57-У correspond with characteristics of TA-57, but TA-57-У has more advanced facilities.
Repair sets to above listed products for run of current, mid-life, overhaul repair.
ZSE Radiopribor
Ukraine, Zaporozhye

ZSE "Radiopribor" produces special radio communication means:

           All above communication means can be mounted on all types of auto armored vehicles.